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Patti Disks

Available as follows:

Patti disks 100mmPatti disks 130mm
Patti disks 100mm
Patti disks 130mm

Skewers - Sosatie Sticks

Available as follows:

Sosatie Sticks 25cmSkewers - Bamboo 3mmx20cmSkewers - Bamboo 5mmx20cmSkewers - Wooden 5mmx45cm
Sosatie Sticks 25cm
Skewers - Bamboo 3mmx20cm
Skewers - Bamboo 5mmx20cm
Skewers - Wooden 5mmx45cm


Available as follows:

Trayliners - WhiteTrayliners - BlackTrayliners - Deluxe 725x125
Trayliners - White
Trayliners - Black
Trayliners - Deluxe 725x125
disposables trayliners2

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