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Foil Containers

Available as follows:

CODE 5001Christmas Fruit CakeFamily PieSpeciality BreadsCapacity - 1320ml
CODE 5001
Christmas Fruit Cake
Family Pie
Speciality Breads
Capacity - 1320ml
CODE 4213CasserolesBobotieShepherds PieCapacity - 1000ml
CODE 4213
Shepherds Pie
Capacity - 1000ml
CODE 4191Small Loaf PanBanana Loaf Meat LoafCapacity - 620ml
CODE 4191
Small Loaf Pan
Banana Loaf 
Meat Loaf
Capacity - 620ml
CODE 4173Take-awaysCurry and RiceMacaroni and CheeseCapacity - 560ml
CODE 4173
Curry and Rice
Macaroni and Cheese
Capacity - 560ml
CODE 4153Medium Freezer DishFamily Size LasganeCasserolesCapacity - 890ml
CODE 4153
Medium Freezer Dish
Family Size Lasgane
Capacity - 890ml
CODE 4161Large Loaf PanYeast BreadsSpeciality BreadsCapacity - 950ml
CODE 4161
Large Loaf Pan
Yeast Breads
Speciality Breads
Capacity - 950ml
CODE 4133Small Take AwaysChinese take awaysSingle portion Pasta dishesCapacity - 465ml
CODE 4133
Small Take Aways
Chinese take aways
Single portion Pasta dishes
Capacity - 465ml
CODE 4093Multi Portion Freezer DishPasta DishCasserolesCapacity - 1345ml
CODE 4093
Multi Portion Freezer Dish
Pasta Dish
Capacity - 1345ml
CODE 4051STD 6 BUN TRAYRaisin bunsChelsea bunsCapacity - 615ml
CODE 4051
Raisin buns
Chelsea buns
Capacity - 615ml
CODE 4041Danish StrudelBaklavaPizza BreadMini Swiss RollsCapacity - 715ml
CODE 4041
Danish Strudel
Pizza Bread
Mini Swiss Rolls
Capacity - 715ml
CODE 4011Roasting PanCatering Size LasagneCapacity - 3440ml
CODE 4011
Roasting Pan
Catering Size Lasagne
Capacity - 3440ml
CODE 3011Large Tart PlateMilk TartsCapacity - 800ml 
CODE 3011
Large Tart Plate
Milk Tarts
Capacity - 800ml


CODE 3001Medium Tart PlateMilk TartsCapacity - 400ml
CODE 3001
Medium Tart Plate
Milk Tarts
Capacity - 400ml
CODE 2151Single PortionCapacity - 135ml
CODE 2151
Single Portion
Capacity - 135ml
CODE 2041Deep STD Pie ContainerCapacity - 150ml
CODE 2041
Deep STD Pie Container
Capacity - 150ml
CODE 2001STD Round Pie with 7mm RimCapacity - 100ml
CODE 2001
STD Round Pie with 7mm Rim
Capacity - 100ml
CODE 1010Baked CustardsMilk TartsCapacity - 55ml
CODE 1010
Baked Custards
Milk Tarts
Capacity - 55ml
CODE 1081Christmas Mince PieSmall Milk TartCapacity - 40ml
CODE 1081
Christmas Mince Pie
Small Milk Tart
Capacity - 40ml

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